Booker’s software takes care of your booking, billing, payment, management, and you can take care of your customers.
Business Management Software


Taking appointments by phone ties you and your customers down. Give them the freedom to book online, wherever and whenever they want. Fill your calendar without putting your customers and services on hold.

Business Management Software


Take payments beyond the transaction. Booker’s integrated point of sale makes it easy to accept all forms of payment. It ties every sale to a customer record, so you have more insight into your customers and your business.

Business Management Software


New customers are only a click away. Reach them where they are, on social channels and online listings, and bring them in the door with automated, intelligent marketing.

Business Management Software


Stay on top of your business, without getting bogged down. Booker streamlines how you manage your business, putting everything from your appointment calendar to your business reports in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Business Management Software


Loyal customers are the key to your business’s success. Booker’s automated, intelligent marketing tools fill your calendar and keep your customers coming back.

Booker helps small

We take care of the booking, billing, payment, management,
marketing... so you can take care of
your customers.

Business Management Software

See What Businesses
Are Saying

Metro Salon 777

“Do I love being free of pencil and
paper? Oh yeah! Scheduling,
organization, purchase history,
employee hours, and totals, all at my
fingertips. Do the clients like it? Yes,
especially the text and email
alerts/reminders. (Gone are the
time-consuming days of calling clients
the day before!) Long Live BOOKER!!!”

Tangerine LLC

“I switched to Booker and the options for Marketing, e-newsletters, and merchant services are great! It is easier to make appointments, and the customer service is awesome I would recommend Booker to anyone.”

Regain Solace

“I cannot say enough about the quality
of service that I have received with
Booker! This is hands down the best
money that I spend each month for my
business. The marketing features are
fantastic and I have now integrated my
payment system as well. Totally worth
the money!!!”

Focus for Massage

“One of the best business decisions I
have made in over 20 years in the
industry was switching to Booker.
Great product, great support. The
online integration, scheduling, and gift
certificate sales puts Booker at the
top. Their ability to allow clients to
schedule services online puts them in
a class by themselves.”


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